Atlus offers fans a chance to be featured in an upcoming Catherine trailer!

Atlus is giving fans of the upcoming Catherine a chance to be in a future trailer!  All you have to do is post a video response to their YouTube video (see below) answering three "heavy" questions about commitment.  Their video explains it all!  Atlus will select answers from those submitted to appear in their upcoming trailer for the game.  Only requirements are that the videos must be 720p or better and answer the 3 questions asked by Atlus.  A … [Read more...]

Battle: Los Angeles Game Review (PSN)

Welcome to our Battle: Los Angeles PSN Game Review! Back in November I experienced the release trailer for Battle: Los Angeles during the previews of a movie.  It was great timing, because probably a week before that I had seen Skyline and was ready to give up on alien movies for good.  Just a few months later Battle: Los Angeles was released and while it certainly wasn't the best movie in the world, I thought it was a pretty enjoyable … [Read more...]