Starcraft 2: Gold League – Protoss V Zerg Sentry-Expand Build

Hey everyone, this is a Protoss build oriented towards Zerg which focuses on using sentries (their force field, really) with a mix of zealots and stalkers if need be to harass/push your Zerg opponent. This Starcraft 2 Gold League build is not an all in and actually sets you up with an expansion before you push out.  Build order etc. below, but here's the gameplay video: … [Read more...]

World of Warcraft turns seven years old next week

That's right fellow WoW nerds...World of Warcraft turns seven Wednesday, November 23rd.  Doesn't really seem like that long does it? Blizzard isn't waiting until then though to start the celebration...logging inn Sunday (November 20th) until December 3rd will net you a feat of strength to your achievements as well as a celebration package item. This useless item shoots off fireworks, gives your character a tabard, and gives you a seven percent … [Read more...]

Check out the Star Wars Old Republic beta next weekend: this video will help you decide!

Earlier today Bioware release this epic new trailer showing off a a sweet flashpoint/instance in Star Wars: Old Republic, The Hammer Station. The Hammer, a powerful prototype battle station developed by the Republic, was believed to have been destroyed during the war. However, this terrible weapon has re-emerged in the hands of the Advozsec, who are using it to conquer unaligned worlds in the Outer Rim. Setting out to stop the Advozsec’s … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 Review (PC)

Tricky review to write, this one! Tricky review indeed. You see Battlefield 3 is really two separate games fighting for attention in the same package. One of them (and arguably the one that most of the series' core fanbase are interested in) is very, very good indeed. The other, despite looking very pretty and seeming to have the best of intentions, is a formulaic, often-shambolic mess of a thing, which stumbles into the territory of the … [Read more...]