Sine Mora (XBLA) Review

When I was first approached about writing a review for Sine Mora I thought to myself “Oh great, this shouldn’t take long at all!  An XBLA scroller can't have that much depth!” Boy was I wrong. Describing this game is no easy task.  It’s unlike other side scrolling shooters in the sense that it has a very immersive and intricate story.  It pulls you in, tries not to let go, and kicks some ass in the process. … [Read more...]

Wanderlust Game: Rebirth Review

It seems like just yesterday that the term "indie" was typically represented by games that could be beaten in thirty minutes and offered little to no polish or in-depth features.  Thankfully for both gamers and for the developers of these games, that definition is a thing of a past. Indie games (like the Wanderlust game) today typically offer interactive and fun gameplay at a fraction of the cost in comparison to AAA titles. Over a year ago … [Read more...]

GamersGate launches IndieFort Bundle

Earlier today GamersGate officially launched the new IndieFort Bundle.  If you're not excited, something is wrong with you.  The bundle is practically handing out six of the best indie games for $60 less than what their already-low price is to purchase.  The games in the bundle are Kenshi(Alpha), Cardinal Quest, Black Market, Wanderlust: Rebirth, Devil Whiskey, and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. In order to purchase the bundle, head over to … [Read more...]

GamersGate upcoming IndieFort Bundle has us excited

Alongside the announcement of their new IndieFort platform is a new indie game bundle: the IndieFort bundle. This bundle will include: Cardinal Quest, Black Market, Kenshi, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Wanderlust: Rebirth and Devil Whiskey for just a donation.  The minimum is $6, but they deserve much much more than that for such a great deal on six great games. All of these games have received great reviews on all … [Read more...]

The Upcoming Towns Game 0.45 Patch Looks Promising

Indie games just keep getting better and better, and SMP's Towns game is stepping it up by mixing a whole slew of fun game types into one.  At its core, the Towns game is a city-building simulation/strategy game with a plethora of RPG features that dares you to build a settlement and clear out the nearby dungeon for fun times and of course, epic loot! … [Read more...]

Addictive Smartphone Games

Addictive Smartphone Games Addictive Smartphone Games Apple managed to popularize the 99-cent game market, turning every iPhone, iPad and iPod owner into a potential customer. With Android, RIM and Microsoft all looking for a piece of the market, more developers are looking to strike it rich with the next big game. With simple objectives and easy-to-pick-up controls, these games pack a load of entertainment without the high costs of computer … [Read more...]