ShootMania Storm now on Steam!

ShootMania Storm, the free-to-play online first person shooter, is now available to download on Steam. ShootMania is being developed by Nadeo and published by the big name, Ubisoft. What is available on Steam for download right now is the open beta of the game. Jump in with your Steam friends and compete in intense, fast-paced action akin to the likes of classic shooters such as Quake and Unreal. Ubisoft has openly come out with its support of … [Read more...]

The War Z Returns

The highly controversial Zombie Survival MMO, The War Z, has now returned to Steam. By controversial, I mean the developer, Hammerpoint Interactive, flat-out lied and misled consumers on their Steam page. In December of last year, the anticipated game released on Steam to complaints left and right. On the Steam homepage of the game, there were so many promises and details listed that were either not in the game at all or incomplete in its current … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed IV Announced

Did you enjoy half-English, half-Native American Assassin, Connor, and his adventure last year through the wilds of New England? Still playing it? Well, regardless, Ubisoft has officially announced this morning that a new Assassin’s Creed will be coming to you this fall. Entitled Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you play as a brand new Assassin in a brand new time period (19th Century slave trade anyone?) that apparently has a thing for pirates. … [Read more...]