News and Rumors About The Witcher 3 Game

CD Projekt Red has announced the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since 2013, at the E3 event, but there’s still not a lot of information to go around.  The game series is based on the fantasy novel collection written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It will probably reach the ending with the 3rd name coming out.  Both the books and games are very popular among RPG fans and people on several prestigious gaming forums are talking about the sequel to … [Read more...]

New Blood-Elf World of Warcraft Expansion Models Revealed

As the new World of Warcraft expansion has finally been released, so have the new character models & designs for Blood Elves. Having new character models fighting alongside older character models is not ideal, especially when it comes to a game as popular as WoW. Most characters in the game went through a makeover during the World of Warcraft new expansion, except for the characters of the Blood Elf, Goblin and Worgen races. However, the … [Read more...]

Warlords of Draenor Was Successfully Released

We were all probably very excited in the past few weeks about the Warlords of Draenor expansion which was set to be released on November the 13th. Of course, we can’t know every game out there so our portfolio of the games we’ve tried or which we enjoy is bound to be reduced to 20 or maybe 30 games total, but who doesn’t know the great World of Warcraft franchise these days? You must have lived under a rock for the past 10 years or so if you … [Read more...]

Overwatch New Blizzard Shooter Game Announced

Blizzard, the one most successful video game creator and publisher of the moment, recently announced it was going to release a new game, but the surprise is that the new game is going to be a shooter, which would be a first for this company. The Overwatch new Blizzard shooter was announced on November the 7th at the latest BlizzCon reunion, and it is scheduled for release in mid-late 2015. For those who are super-eager to try it earlier than … [Read more...]

Research Shows Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

Usually, people who are into video games are pretty young, perhaps in their early thirties as a maximum limit (we’re talking about the bulk of gamers here, not about exceptions). Therefore, they are very often surrounded by older people from their family or their community who don’t understand this pastime and see it as something threatening or damaging to the young person engaging in these games. Who hasn’t heard the often repeated trope about … [Read more...]

Hearthstone: The New Blizzard Card Deck Game

Everyone here loves Blizzard, and that much is pretty clear by now. But while the game publishing giant is known mostly for its World of Warcraft franchise and, to some nostalgic players perhaps, for its older games adventure and fantasy RPGs Starcraft and Diablo, there is more to Blizzard than meets the eye. Recently, the media franchise has launched Hearthstone, a type of game almost none of the fans would ever expect from the company: a game … [Read more...]

Vintage Game of the Week: Majesty Fantasy Kingdom (2000)

A true games geek is passionate about vintage PC games as much as he or she may get enthusiastic about some new gaming news. Our team at Game Guide World makes no exception and we’re sure many of our readers feel the same, at least about games they actually played many years ago and may feel nostalgic about. But there are plenty of gems waiting to be discovered on the shelf of vintage games, and some of them are so uniquely interesting, or funny, … [Read more...]

WOW: Quest in Pandaria’s Timeless Isle before the Warlords of Draenor Expansion Comes Out!

World of Warcraft enthusiasts are all excited beyond belief about the new Warlords of Draenor expansion set to come out on Thursday, November 13th 2014. With only a week and a half left until this awesome event, old frozen accounts are now being reactivated as players amass for the new wonders this virtual world may bring. But until the new expansion itself is released, there are plenty of things to be done in the previous expansion’s continent … [Read more...]