21 Mesmerizing Must-Play Virtual Reality Games for Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift will begin to ship starting with the 28th of March 2016. It costs $599 and the first-gen virtual reality headset promises a lot. But is there enough content to entice users to buy it? We here at GameGuideWorld believe that virtual reality, while not the future of gaming, will surely change the industry in more than one way. We've been keeping an eye on Palmer Luckey and his headset since the pre-Facebook buyout, and we think this the … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Bad Spooky Teen Drama in our Oxenfree Review

Oxenfree is a gorgeous game, with an absolutely stunning art-direction. It looks like its backgrounds, characters and objects are painted on a canvas and transposed to the digital medium. The score that accompanies the beautiful setting really sets the mood for a horror game, with well-chosen music and top-notch sound bites. I was so eager to play it and I even cancelled plans to hang out with friends, but, in the end, I wished I didn't. I … [Read more...]

Bakery Story 2 Cheats, Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know

If you have a sweet tooth for bakery yet at the same time you would love to cook your own delicious recipes, this game is just calling your name! The team behind Storm8 Studio is bringing you Bakery Story 2 with lots of fun hours of gaming. Everything about this production will catch your eyes with colorful characters and backgrounds, while your taste buds will almost feel the heavenly sensation of a hot pancake. Bakery Story 2 is available on … [Read more...]

Madness Reigns in Our Darkest Dungeon Review!

Darkest Dungeon is a rogue-like developed by Red Hook Studios, and it has escaped Early Access this week. We've been keeping an eye out for this game since we first heard about its Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2014. Darkest is your classic rogue-like where the player has to accept death with arms wide open, and continue to move forward, even though if that means walking on a road paved with the skeletal remains of your party … [Read more...]

Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide

If you've just woken up on a dinosaur-infested island without knowing how to stay alive, let us talk you through surviving your first hours. But, you should know that, regardless of how good, or bad, you're at the game, you'll eventually die, so don't fret, just have fun with Ark. Furthermore, everyone will try to kill you, and completely at random, someone will offer you the odd pack of berries so you don't starve on the shores. If you've … [Read more...]

That Dragon, Cancer Review – The Harrowing Reality of Cancer

Be warned: This review contains spoilers, because, otherwise, it would have been a shallow essay about one's highly-subjective opinion. To get down to it, That Dragon, Cancer is not really a good video-game. In many respects, you can pretty much compare it to an independent movie about the gruesome realities of cancer. It's a narrative-driven game, where the player needs to push one button to interact with objects and continue the story. But it … [Read more...]

Mario Kart 8 Review and Character Unlocks

Mario Kart 8 is definitely the King of karts - good luck trying to dethrone this beast. It's a super-fun kart racer that builds on top of the 22-year old franchise with new and intriguing ideas. It doesn't experiment as much as Double Dash, and, understandably, Nintendo hasn't taken a big risk with Mario Kart 8 Wii U, yet all of the crucial elements that made its predecessors fun, are arguably better and more enjoyable. That awesome sense of … [Read more...]

Rocket League Top 10 Essential Tips and Tricks to Guide Your Match

I've been playing Rocket League since its PS4 and PC release at the start of July 2015. I've been playing it so much over the Christmas holiday that I'm thinking of joining F.C. Barcelona - that is, if they ever open a soccar team. We've decorated Rocket League with a ton of medals at the end of 2015, and the GameGuideWorld crew doesn't regret any trophy that went to the Psyonix team, which built a phenomenal game that blends arcade racing and … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Review – Specialists Galore

After about 3 months of continuous Call of Duty Black Ops 3 gaming sessions, it's about time we reviewed the latest title in the COD franchise. It caught us off-guard. We were expecting a shallow game aimed only to amass wealth, but we were, fortunately, mistaken. It's true that Treyarch set the bar pretty high with the first Black Ops iteration, introducing an engaging campaign, as well as intriguing characters, while, a year later, Black Ops … [Read more...]

Halo 5 Skull Locations and Guide on How to Get Them

The newest title in the Halo franchise, Guardians, besides being slightly disappointing, offers a huge amount of replayability under the form of collectibles. Skulls are collectible items and they are quite hard to find. Players can gather them by playing through the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. They aren't just eye-candy. Skulls also enable awesome gameplay effects, which spice up the campaign experience. This guide will focus on Halo 5 Skull … [Read more...]