Overwatch New Blizzard Shooter Game Announced

Blizzard, the one most successful video game creator and publisher of the moment, recently announced it was going to release a new game, but the surprise is that the new game is going to be a shooter, which would be a first for this company. The Overwatch new Blizzard shooter was announced on November the 7th at the latest BlizzCon reunion, and it is scheduled for release in mid-late 2015. For those who are super-eager to try it earlier than … [Read more...]

Research Shows Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

Usually, people who are into video games are pretty young, perhaps in their early thirties as a maximum limit (we’re talking about the bulk of gamers here, not about exceptions). Therefore, they are very often surrounded by older people from their family or their community who don’t understand this pastime and see it as something threatening or damaging to the young person engaging in these games. Who hasn’t heard the often repeated trope about … [Read more...]

Hearthstone: The New Blizzard Card Deck Game

Everyone here loves Blizzard, and that much is pretty clear by now. But while the game publishing giant is known mostly for its World of Warcraft franchise and, to some nostalgic players perhaps, for its older games adventure and fantasy RPGs Starcraft and Diablo, there is more to Blizzard than meets the eye. Recently, the media franchise has launched Hearthstone, a type of game almost none of the fans would ever expect from the company: a game … [Read more...]

Do You Remember the Black and White Game?

The Black and White video game was all the rage back in 2001 when it was released by Lionhead Studios, and though it may seem very antiquated now, compared to new games (like the glorious WoW), this old-fashioned video game was very exciting at the time. The nostalgia some members of the Game Guide World team still have for this game is the reason why we decided to present it to you today: even if we won’t convince you to play it, necessarily, we … [Read more...]

Capcom Announces Ace Attorney 5 and re-release of 1-3 in HD for iPhone and iPad

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ace Attorney Series, and to celebrate Capcom officially announced the newest addition to the series, Ace Attorney 5.  All they released so far is the logo above, but no other details including which platform it will be on or what characters will be in it have been announced. Alongside this announcement was news that the first three Ace Attorney games will be released on the iOS this year in full … [Read more...]

OGXI.com & au4u.com = GREAT BIG SCAM!

Ever heard of OGXI.com or au4u.com?  If so, or if not, they sell currency, accounts, powerlevels, etc. for games like World of Warcraft. Be warned though... THEY ARE A SCAM! Shirley[02:49:56]:^^ it doesnt matter, you can just do the payment, finally, paypal will only charge you 25.79USD, so dont worry [Tellyoulater][14:50:18]o cost is $25.79 for how much gold? Shirley[02:51:14]:30K Needles to say, I only received 20k. Recap: Bought 30k, … [Read more...]

Rune Factory 3 Events Calendar

Help plan out your schedule using this Rune Factory 3 Events Calendar. Click to Enlarge Rune Factory 3 is an adventure that will transform you! The people of Sharance and their horned Univir neighbors are embroiled in a bitter conflict. An age-old hatred between humans and monsters divides them. You are an adventurer with an unusual secret: you're half human and half monster.  Help plan out your schedule through the game with this Rune … [Read more...]