The Black and White game cover

Do You Remember the Black and White Game?

The Black and White video game was all the rage back in 2001 when it was released by Lionhead Studios, and though it may seem very antiquated now, compared to new games (like the glorious WoW), this old-fashioned video game was very exciting at the time. The … [Read More]

Lord of the Rings game online

All about the Lord of the Rings Games

You may have heard about The Lord of the Rings Game or you may have even tried it at some point, after the insistence of a friend or maybe after reading a favorable review for it online. But what few of you know is that there are actually more than one game … [Read More]

Mists of Pandaria map

What We Loved Most about Mists of Pandaria (WOW)

A few days ago we talked about how excited we are about the upcoming Warlords of Draenor World of Warcraft expansion, set to be released in just a few weeks, on November 13th. But before the new expansion pack comes out and everyone gets too busy exploring the new … [Read More]