Shovel Knight developed by Yacht Club Games

The Shovel Knight Amiibo is Real, Thanks Nintendo

Nintendo is making indie efforts and I'm starting to really love them - my love for them hasn't faded that much, but we kinda drifted apart since the dawn of 2015. The Shovel Knight Amiibo is as real as it can get, and it's coming to Wii U. We all know that … [Read More]

New Destiny Exotics - Empyrean Bellicose

New Destiny Exotics Unveiled, Check Them Right Here

Bungie promised a while back that they are adding more Exotics in their new Taken King DLC. This may be a strategy to alleviate the huge consumer backlash, which started when gamers found out that it's going to cost $40. Today,  Xûr revealed on Instagram new … [Read More]

Dice Mage Game Guide - Don't be Afraid!

Dice Mage Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Dice Mage is available only on iOS devices. Android users you're out of luck. Dice Mage is a little RPG game for mobile users. It combines magical exploding dices with a spell combat. You explore and you fight, you fight and you explore. You win loot only by … [Read More]