Angry Birds 2 Game Guide – Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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3. Know your Spells – Part 1

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide Know your Spells

One great addition that is aimed to make Angry Birds 2 more fun, and enjoyable (although some of you feel that has ended up making the game confusing) are the spells.

You can unlock spells once you’ve reached stage 11, 12, 20, 31, and lastly, 61. Be warned, you’ll have a limit set on how many times you can use spells. Use them only when a dire situation arises. One of my favorites is the Golden Duck spell. This seemingly cute, and inoffensive spell makes golden ducks rain from the sky right on top of pigs, and their buildings.

The Frost spell is aimed at helping our beloved Blue. It transforms all of the blocks into ice. Hot Chili will randomly turn any piggy into a time bomb. He’ll be able to be launched just like your average bird.

4. Know your Spells – Part 2

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide Features five spells

The last two spells that you’ll have in your aresenal are the Pig Inflator, and the Mighty Eagle.

The first one, the Pig Inflator, is like the apocalypse for pigs. It turns every single piggy present in the current stage into an exploding inflating balloon. As soon as they get a little bit of flight, they burst into a thousand pieces.

The Mighty Eagle, which is the last spell you’ll unlock, will allow the player to launch a can of sardines. Who knew that eagles love sardines so much? A huge Mighty Eagle comes swooping down, clearing anything in its wake.

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