Angry Birds 2 Game Guide – Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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5. Pay Attention to your Environment

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide - Pay Attention to your Environment

Angry Birds 2 changes the format in more than one way. Stages will be riddled with more than one puzzle to solve which is mostly destructible. To be victorious, you must pay attention to your environment and its hazards so you can capitalize on them.

Take for example flowers. Did you know they can suck up both birds and piggies? Then, the flower spits them out with a huge amount of force – YAY Physics again! This comes in handy when you want to prolong the fun and destruction.

In Angry Birds 2, you’ll encounter Boss Battles. Do your best to get structures to come crashing down on them, or push them off the level for a well-deserved insta-kill!

6. Fill your Destructiometer

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide - Destructiometer is crucial

You have two ways of filling up your Destructiometer. The first one is by wrecking everything in your wake, and doing as much destruction as possible. The second one is to hit those golden pigs, which will fill your meter to the max instantly.

Why would you want to fill your Destructiometer? What is a Destructiometer?

Once you fill your Destructiometer, you’ll receive a free bird for the current stage. It can come quite in handy, more so, when you want to experiment with something crazy.

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