Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide

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Other Ark Stats

Besides the main, crucial ones, there are other stats as well, and while not as important, they can help you get the upper hand.

Crafting Speed

Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide - Crafting Speed

It really isn’t that important in early or mid-game. It dictates how much time it takes you to craft an item. It’s relatively quick, without improving this stat, but if you’re planning on building a lot, crafting a ton of items, then you should consider boosting this stat. But it, clearly, shouldn’t be your number one priority.


Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide - Fortitude

Fortitude is a measure of how much you can resist extreme weather conditions. It’s basically your natural resistance to severe situations. The higher the Fortitude, less chances you have to suffer from crippling starvation and dehydration, that are resulted by spending too much time in severe cold or hot planes.

Fortitude is affected by what type of clothes, armor, your character is wearing.

Also, this stat improves your Torpor-resistance by reducing the amount of Torpor inflicted by the aforementioned attacks.

Movement Speed

Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide - Movement Speed

If you want to walk, or run faster across the Ark island, then you should consider dumping some points in Movement Speed. The higher the stat, the faster you can move, while consuming a lot less Stamina as before.

Movement Speed also influences how fast you can swim.

But, please note, that when you become overburdened, it won’t matter how much points you have in Movement Speed. You’ll be encumbered regardless of level.

Melee Damage

Ultimate Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide - Melee Damage

It dictates the amount of damage your fists, tools and melee weapons do. Note, it doesn’t affect ranged weapons. The higher the value, the higher damage you can do to other players and creatures.

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