Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks – 10 Things You Need to Know

Far Cry Primal is more of the same old good stuff - we reviewed it a few weeks ago, and we loved every minute of it. It isn't really hard, but Far Cry Primal tips and tricks are always welcome in my book. We also have a Far Cry Primal trophies and achievements guide set up if you are a completionist. Far Cry Primal was released on the 23rd of February for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on the 1st of March for PC. If you haven't bought it yet, … [Read more...]

10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

Dark Souls 3 will be released worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 12th of April, 2016. The Japan version is hitting stores on the 24th of March, 2016. We got our hands on with the new Dark Souls for a few hours last week, and we can paint a cohesive preview for you eager fans. Obviously, it still stays true to its Souls roots, but with loads of major differences and tweaks to the original formula. Below, you'll find our … [Read more...]

Halo 5 Guardians Review – Feel Like a Super Soldier

Halo managed to spark my curiosity back in 2001. I remember that I was gifted an Xbox, and didn't really know what to do with it - being a PlayStation groupie and all. A friend of mine recommended me Halo: Combat Evolved, and immediately as I started it up I got sucked into its incredible universe. For more than half a year I was religiously playing Halo with my friends - all of our weekends were booked, and there was little to no time for other … [Read more...]

Madness Reigns in Our Darkest Dungeon Review!

Darkest Dungeon is a rogue-like developed by Red Hook Studios, and it has escaped Early Access this week. We've been keeping an eye out for this game since we first heard about its Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2014. Darkest is your classic rogue-like where the player has to accept death with arms wide open, and continue to move forward, even though if that means walking on a road paved with the skeletal remains of your party … [Read more...]

Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Tips and Tricks

Star Wars Battlefront 2015 is a fun and gripping game, but it can be a little hard for newcomers to the gaming medium. Arguably, EA approached Battlefront with a design aimed at a broader range of Star Wars fans. But the core, its gameplay, is rather unforgiving at first. Getting into a multiplayer focused first/third-person shooter without playing enough, or any, online skirmishes a la Quake, Serious Sam or Unreal Tournament - where the arcade … [Read more...]

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Tips and Cheats

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a free mobile game available on Android and iOS. If you're a Star Wars geek, exactly like me, then you know very well the feeling of emptiness that came with the realization that we have to wait another two years for episode eight. We have to get our daily dose of Star Wars, and Galaxy of Heroes is the perfect drug! It has in-app purchases, and like any other freemium, those who pay have the upper hand. That's … [Read more...]

Tips and tricks for The Witcher 3: WIld Hunt

CD Projekt Red really outdid themselves with their new game called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is absolutely a masterpiece and it was definitely worth the wait. I had a hard time finding anything wrong with the game, except for the occasional glitch, I'm looking at you Roach. The open world is huge and diverse, the combat is magnificent, the quests are interesting and fun, while the main story, although it drags on a bit too long for my taste, … [Read more...]

Titan Souls Unlockables – Achievements and Game Modes

Titan Souls seems like a nifty little game, but once you take control of your avatar, and start shooting arrows at your enemies, you'll soon realize that there is much more to it than just pushing a button. This isn't a Titan Soul review, it's just a guide for the average Joe to unlock everything! We've written a comprehensive Titan Souls review if you care to read one - fair warning, it didn't receive the award for best pc game. We're somewhat … [Read more...]