The Top 5 Game Genres

With so many fun games to play, from video games to puzzles, board games, and even games that you can download as apps on your tablet and smartphone, you may be wondering which genres are the most popular, particularly in the world of video games. After all, whether you play video games online, on your mobile devices, or on a console like PlayStation or Xbox, you can expect to come across a wide array of games for both children and … [Read more...]

The Best Games Turned Into Movies

With Hollywood always hungry for new ideas, it makes sense that they should turn to the popular world of Xbox and PlayStation gamers when it comes to new movies. There’s a variety of movies that have been inspired by video games, just as most good action movies always end up with a video game version. However, these video game movies have been met with much criticism, with many pro gamers and movie buffs saying that they simply don’t cut it for … [Read more...]

MLB 15 Review for the PS4

Release Date: 31 of March, 2015 Genre: Sports Developer: SCE Studios, San Diego Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Cost: You can get the standard edition at for $59,99, or the 10th Anniversary Edition  for 69,99. Review for: Playstation 4 MLB 15: The Show, is yet another good addition to the baseball genre, that continues Sony's 10-year tradition. It comes without any groundbreaking new features, when compared with the … [Read more...]

THQ Set to Work with Crytek on Next Homefront Game

After the shutdown of Kaos Studios, the development of the next Homefront game was up for debate regarding where the eventual sequel would come from. As it turns out, we now have our answer... which happens to be a very good one. THQ has announced that development of the as-yet-unnamed sequel is to be under the care of the shooter development pros over at Crytek. You read that right: we're talking about the guys who brought us FarCry and … [Read more...]

Max Payne 3 First Trailer Hits, with Game Release Set for March

The debut trailer for Max Payne 3 is finally here. After several months on end for quite some time already, Rockstar Games has been incredibly lax on information pertaining to number three in Max Payne's escapade list, and now the former cop-turned private security detail for affluent Brazilian folk who end up under the cross-hairs of Sao Paulo gangbangers, forcing Max to clean up the mess and set things right, even if it means facing down the … [Read more...]

Zelda 25th Anniversary: TGS Retrospective Video and New Skyward Sword Trailer

Straight from Nintendo's media event in the run-up to the Tokyo Games Show comes new Legend of Zelda footage highlighting both the long history of the series -- and the latest preview of Skyward Sword as well -- all in honor of the series' 25th anniversary. You read that right: a full retrospective with classic Zelda gameplay footage and a whole new preview of the series' upcoming Motion Plus-driven (and Ocarina of Time prequel) entry that is … [Read more...]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review (PC, PS3, XBox 360)

I never personally got around to even play any of the Deus Ex games in the past, and being a first-person shooter guy in many respects (plus a role-playing gamer as well) led me to give the series’ latest entry a spin on my 360 for awhile.  Now that I have, though, all I can say is that Square Enix and the guys at Eidos Montreal deserve a hefty load of respect for turning out a pleasing FPS-plus-role-player experience that’s part Halo, part Gears … [Read more...]

Mortal Kombat Review (PS3/Xbox 360)

Mortal Kombat is the latest game in this almost 20 year old series, created from what seemed to be their final installment. With Midway bankrupt, Mortal Kombat was picked up by Warner Bros., who shortly released their bizarre team-up game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Mortal Kombat strikes back with its time tested fast-paced, bloody beat-downs and gruesome fatalities. … [Read more...]

The Ball Preview

I recently sat down and spent a good chunk of time with Teotl Studio's Unreal Tournement 3 mod turned digital standalone release, The Ball. It's a First-person puzzle/action game that, in a lot of ways, reminds me of a primitive version of Valve's Portal. Not, primitive in a negative way or that it's a "de-evolution", but more so in its thematic elements and settings. Let's just say that The Ball isn't about your trusted friend in science, it's … [Read more...]