10 Best Online RPG Games That are Worth Playing

Online Role Playing Games offer an escape from the (sometimes) boring world. You can be the brave soldier who slays the dragon or the powerful princess who brings order to her kingdom. If you love RPG games, then we have a short list of the best and most popular online RPG games that are worth playing. Banner Saga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boG0qvGhpmY This RPG game can be played on both PC and Mac. It’s a simple and fun game that lets you … [Read more...]

Warlords of Draenor Was Successfully Released

We were all probably very excited in the past few weeks about the Warlords of Draenor expansion which was set to be released on November the 13th. Of course, we can’t know every game out there so our portfolio of the games we’ve tried or which we enjoy is bound to be reduced to 20 or maybe 30 games total, but who doesn’t know the great World of Warcraft franchise these days? You must have lived under a rock for the past 10 years or so if you don’t … [Read more...]

Overwatch New Blizzard Shooter Game Announced

Blizzard, the one most successful video game creator and publisher of the moment, recently announced it was going to release a new game, but the surprise is that the new game is going to be a shooter, which would be a first for this company. The Overwatch new Blizzard shooter was announced on November the 7th at the latest BlizzCon reunion, and it is scheduled for release in mid-late 2015. For those who are super-eager to try it earlier than … [Read more...]

Research Shows Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

Usually, people who are into video games are pretty young, perhaps in their early thirties as a maximum limit (we’re talking about the bulk of gamers here, not about exceptions). Therefore, they are very often surrounded by older people from their family or their community who don’t understand this pastime and see it as something threatening or damaging to the young person engaging in these games. Who hasn’t heard the often repeated trope about vi … [Read more...]

Do You Remember the Black and White Game?

The Black and White video game was all the rage back in 2001 when it was released by Lionhead Studios, and though it may seem very antiquated now, compared to new games (like the glorious WoW), this old-fashioned video game was very exciting at the time. The nostalgia some members of the Game Guide World team still have for this game is the reason why we decided to present it to you today: even if we won’t convince you to play it, necessarily, we … [Read more...]

All about the Lord of the Rings Games

You may have heard about The Lord of the Rings Game or you may have even tried it at some point, after the insistence of a friend or maybe after reading a favorable review for it online. But what few of you know is that there are actually more than one game inspired from Tolkien’s writings, so a more accurate term would be Lord of the Rings Games. The Lord of the Rings Wiki has a list of 31 games (including antique ones), but only 4 of them are a … [Read more...]

The Best iOS Games in 2014

This is our personal list of top 5 choices for the best iOS games in 2014. Even though most of us prefer to play games on the actual computer (PC or Mac) or on specialized gaming platforms such as the Xbox or Wii, the charm and appeal of mini games for the iPhone shouldn’t be neglected. It’s true that they can’t really provide the gaming experience you can achieve while fully immersed in a complex universe (like our latest crush, Civilization, for … [Read more...]

Civilization Game Review – 5 Reasons Why We Love This Game

The Civilization game is one of the best choices of strategy games for your PC or Mac (it also works on Xbox or PS3), requiring fairly little computer resources to run and being highly rewarding in terms of storyline and world feel. It’s not as advanced as a MMORPG in terms of how immersed in its specific universe you can become, but it’s definitely the next best thing after one of those. Considering that it’s also free to play (after you buy it i … [Read more...]