The Complete Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops Game Guide

During your Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain playthrough, Big Boss encounters the usual main missions. However, a variety of side missions exist for all of you completionist as well. These side missions are all optional. But, it would be a shame if you don’t complete at least a few of them. They are tough. In fact, many of them are really tough. That’s why we’re here with this new game guide covering the Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops.

These Side Ops can be quite difficult – some are difficult even to unlock. All of the conditions required to unlock certain The Phantom Pain Side Ops remain unknown until they are actually unlocked.

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Some mission appear as you naturally progress through the game. Others appear out of the blue after Big Boss upgrades various stuff around the base. Without further ado, I present to you our Metal Gear Solid Guide.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops Guide

Source: Gamers Heroes

  1. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops1 to 25
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops26 to 50
  3. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops51 to 75
  4. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops76 to 100
  5. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops101 to 125
  6. Metal Gear Solid 5 Side Ops126 to 157