10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

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5. Dark Souls 3 main hub – the Firelink Shrine

Dark Souls 3 Preview - The Firelink Shrine

Dark Souls 1 offered the freedom to level up at any bonfire. The sequel changed the mechanic and forced the player to return to the central hub in order to level up. A controversial element that the majority of fans considered to be a step-back from the original title.

I’ve got some bad news for you – it’s back and it’s even more important.

After you defeat the first boss in Dark Souls 3, a door that leads to the Firelink Shrine will be opened. The ruins resemble the Nexus hub from the original Demon’s Souls game, and in the center of it all you’ll find a woman who calls herself a Fire Keeper. When you want to spend souls to level up you’ll have to return to her.

Dark Souls 3 Preview - The World

However, returning to the Firelink Shrine to level up isn’t the only reason to visit the main hub. There, deeper into the area, you’ll find an unnamed Handmaid that sells a variety of spells and items, and buys everything you don’t want. You’ll also meet Andre, a blacksmith that can upgrade your armor and weapons, and repair any piece of equipment you have. He can also improve your estus flasks and via the Andre NPC you can tweak how many types of estus charges you can carry.

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