10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

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7. The world

Dark Souls 3 Preview - Burial Gifts

The Dark Souls 3 world isn’t just a mashed up one-piece of land – it’s not an immense, continuously-connected realm. When you enter Firelink Shrine and light the bonfire, the game will offer you the ability to travel from bonfire to bonfire. At the beginning, you’ll have the options to travel between three different areas: the Undead Settlement, the High Wall of Lothric and the Cemetery of Ash.

Seemingly, they are all in the same general area of the world, and quite visible from one another, but, as far as we have managed to get into our Dark Souls preview, the locations aren’t connected to each other. You can’t just walk from the Cemetery of Ash to the Undead Settlement. You’ll have to use bonfires to get to locations.

8. Classes

Dark Souls 3 Preview - Classes

You can choose from 10 starting classes, with three of them being newcomers to the franchise. Exactly as in the previous titles, the class you pick won’t lock you into a certain path, as you can still evolve and develop your avatar as you’d like while you level. However, the class will determine your starting traits and what you’ll be most powerful at in the first few hours of the game.

The 10 starting classes are as following:


Your character doesn’t have any starting armor and all of your stats will begin totally level at 10. You’ll start with an inefficient wooden shield and a weak club. The Deprived is basically the hardest difficulty setting in this iteration of Dark Souls.


Clerics carry a mace, which they use for combat. They come with high attunement and faith stats as well as beginning with two miracles. Their spells are focused on buffing, healing and shielding.


This class starts with high faith and intelligence. They are more focused on AOE abilities, and they can bode well in close-range combat.


The regular caster class starts with really low stats, but balances things out with powerful buffs to intelligence and attunement. They begin with two spells.


Assassins start with a weak sorcery spell, but they receive buffs for dexterity and attunement. He’s the middle-guy between the magic caster and melee attacker.


Thieves get a bow and a dagger at start, as well as a light armor. They get the most amount of starting luck as any other class.


The Herald is a jack of all trades, and he starts with a spear and a healing spell.


Warriors prioritize strength and they start with a wooden shield, and a powerful battleaxe.


Mercenaries start with the highest amount of dexterity. They are built to dual-wield, even though they start with a shield and a single sword.


Knights start with a strong shield and a full, powerful suit of armor. They begin with high vitality for defense purposes.

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