10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

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9. Burial Gifts

Dark Souls 3 Preview - The Stats

Another tradition that has been carried over from previous Souls titles is the ability to choose a gift to begin with. There are nine burial gifts you can choose from, however it’s worth noting that you can also decide to start the game without one.

Here are the nine burial gifts:

Life Ring

It raises your maximum HP, but just slightly, making it a great choice if you want early game to be easier.

Divine Blessing

It’s a single-use potion that restores your HP to full. It even cures the character of any poisons he, or she, may suffer.

Hidden Blessing

This potion will restore your FP to full.

Black Firebomb

A powerful tossable that can inflict loads of damage on a troublesome foe. However, you can use it just once.

Fire Gem

This is an upgrade resource that can be used later on to enhance fire-based weapons. The item description strongly suggests Warriors to choose it.

Sovereignless Soul 

A great item that boosts early-leveling. As per usual, it’s a one time only item. It will grant you loads of souls that can be spent to level up.

Rusted Gold Coin

For a short time, the Rusted Gold Coin increases the number of item drops that the player gets when an enemy dies.

Cracked Red Eye Orb

Destined for the PVP Dark Souls fans. The Cracked Red Eye Orb allows the character to invade another player’s realm and hunt him, or her, down. You can use it just one time.

Young White Branch

The Young White Branch will allow the player to blend into the environment. A useful tool for stalking other players in PVP or defending yourself.

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