10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

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10. Stats

Dark Souls 3 Preview - Stats

Below you’ll find the nine stats that you need to juggle with in Dark Souls 3. Preferably, by mid-game you’ll have a balanced build with focus on a few stats in order to follow a certain class path.


Your resistance to curses is buffed, as well as the power to poison and cause bleed on enemies. Luck also increases the chance you have of getting item drops from each foe you vanquish.


Faith improves the power of miracle spells and pyromancy, as well as improving the character’s defenses against any dark-infused attacks and enemies.


Intelligence is mainly a stat for those who want to focus on casting spells. It determines how powerful your spell is – great for pyromancy and sorcery alike. However, it also increases your defense against magic.


Dexterity is a must, regardless of the path you choose to follow. It improves the overall strength of attacks as well as reducing the time takes to cast a spell. It even reduces the amount of damage that you take from falling. Almost all items will require a minimum of dexterity in order to equip or wield.


Strength is self-explanatory, as it increases the power of your melee attacks. Strangely, it ties to your resistance against fire magic. Also, in order to wield larger weapons, you’ll need a certain amount of strength.


Improving Vitality means the character has a greater resistance to poison. It increases the maximum equip load, allowing the player to equip heavier weapons and armor without slowing down movement. It also affects the total physical defense.


Endurance is one of the key stats in Dark Souls as it will increase your stamina. More stamina means more melee swings, rolls, and shield blocks performed by your avatar. It also increases your resistance to bleeding and lightning attacks.


Attunement determines how many spells the player can have equipped. In the new Dark Souls, attunement is closely knit together to the character’s maximum FP.


Vigor improves the maximum amount of hit points, and it also determines the total resistance to frost. The new status effect caused by frost attacks is frostbitten, and it slows down your character as well as preventing him, or she, to regenerate stamina.

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