Find Out More About the Best Fallout 4 Mods, Cheats, and Perks

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Fallout 4 Cheats – Complete List

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A few tips before you begin to tweak your game experience:

Save the game. Don’t lose all those hours of hard work! Be prudent and make a new save game before you destroy every trace of morality left in the world of Commonwealth.

Don’t enter too many cheats. They mess with the game files quite a lot and also can become very demanding on your computer’s graphic card, CPU, or RAM.

Mods plus cheats change everything. If you don’t want the whole of the game to change, stay off the mods and the cheats – it’s as simple as that.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at a full list of cheats and their description:

Complete List of Fallout 4 Cheats

Command Cheat Code Other Details
Enter god mode. tgm Simply go amok!
Invincible mode. tdm You won’t take damage.
No clipping. tcl
+1 levels. player.advlevel No more than one.
Set your level. player.setlevel (x) (x) = any value.
Buddha mode. tim For Buddhists.
Reveal map. tmm 1 Also activates all PipBy markers
Regain health. player.resethealth You won’t lose radiation levels.
Kills target. kill
Carry more. player.modav carryweight (x) (x) can be any number.
Turn AI on. tai Useful after the next cheats.
AI ignores player. tdetect Pretend you’re ghost.
NPC attacks. tcai For when Han doesn’t shoot first.
Revive NPCs. resurrect Coming back to life.
Revive all NPCs. resurrect (creature id) Useful after the next cheats.
Kills all NPCs of this ID. kill (creature id) Told you.
Kill all nearby NPCs. killall No mercy.
Complete main story. caqs Spoilers await!
Cheat room. coc quasmoke Boxes full of presents!
Teleport somewhere. coc (id of cell) You still need to find Cell ID.
Display target’s affinity. getav CA_affinity She likes me, she likes me not.
Change target’s affinity. modav CA_affinity (x) X = 1000 should suffice.
Shows ID of target. help May come in handy.
Adds items. player.additem (id of object) (x) 0000000f for money.
Shows IDs in inventory. player.inv Also very useful.
Equip an item. player.equipitem (id of object) For when don’t have a mouse.
Change gender. sexchange No surgery necessary.
Sets jump height. setgs fjumphightmmin (x) The sky is the limit.
Sets speed. player.setav speedmult (x) Fast as lightning.
Set actor value. playr.setav (y) (x) Y is a variable. X is the amount.
Modify actor value. player.modav (y) (x)
Set a simple value. player.forceav (y) (x)
Advance a skill. advancepcskill (specific skill) Jack of all trades, master of all.
Change the scale. setscale (x) X can be any number.
Show the target’s scale getscale To be used as reference.
Unlocks anything. unlock The best lock pick ever.
Locks with set difficulty. lock (x) The best key ever.
Activate switches. activate Use the force, Luke!
Delete any object. zap Only temporary.
Delete object forever. markfordelete To oblivion!
Set activation state. setopenstate (either 2 or 0) 0 is not activate, 2 is.
Gives you object. setownership This is mine now.
Spawns item. player.placeatme (id of object) (x) (y) X = stack, y = quality.
Moves item to a cell. player.moveto (id of location) Teleport.
Changes time pace. set timescale to (x) Time will bend to your will.
Changes game time. set gamehour to (x) Set the clock.
Change field of view. fov (x) The default for this is 70.
Open free-roam view. tfc
Set visibility of UI. tm For screenshots.
Displays time. getcurrenttime Best watch ever.
Displays game settings. getgs (settings) Enter all setting values.
Print console to file. scof (name of file) Enter full address of file.
Execute commands. bat (name of file) Macro your cheats.
Clear the console. cls Nobody will know.

Which one of these Fallout 4 mods and Fallout 4 cheats have you had the most fun with? Let us know in the comments below!

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