Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks – 10 Things You Need to Know

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Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks about owls

Owls are severely overlooked at first, but they provide immense help. Every time you approach an outpost or a an enemy bonfire, we recommend you send your owl first to check how many enemies are in the area and tag them. Don’t forget to buy skill upgrades for your owl so it can perform all sorts of dive attacks and even drop makeshift bombs on the.


Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks about stealth

It’s always more rewarding to take the stealth route. We know, firing arrows left and right is really fun, but let’s be pros here. Sneak up on enemies, from behind, and you’ll be prompted with the ability to perform a stealth takedown, thus silently killing him, or it. Afterwards, remember to drag the body out of the way so it won’t alert the rest of the group.

Throw rocks to make enemies isolate themselves, if you can’t sneak behind them.

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