Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks – 10 Things You Need to Know

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The Night

Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks about the night

During night-time you can find unique collectibles, animals and plans around Oros. We recommend extreme caution as at night you’ll find loads more predators and other enemies patrolling. Take a flaming club so you can swing it around to scare animals away, and to improve visibility. There are beasts that aren’t afraid of fire, so be careful how you approach every single critter.

If you don’t want to play at night, you can just rest on a bed at any of your camps and wake when morning arrives.

The Free Stuff

Far Cry Primal Tips and Tricks about the daily rewards stash

As soon as you’ve recruited enough tribespeople and specialists to your village, you’ll start to receive daily Reward Stashes. They can be found in your cave and they include food, weapon resources, and, from time to time, rare times.

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