Far Cry Primal Trophies and Achievements Guide

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26. David and Goliath

Description: Eliminate 10 enemies using a sling.

It’s optional.

Get 10 headshots, because that’s the only way you can kill someone with a sling. Be sure that you’re close enough for the sling shot to hit the enemy, and more importantly, that you don’t miss the bugger’s head. Don’t use your sling on foes that wear helmets as they can’t be killed, but if you obtain the skill that makes your shots penetrate headgear, you shouldn’t have any problems.

27. Outta My Way

Description: Eliminate 25 enemies while riding any beast.

It’s optional.

You can’t attempt this trophy if you don’t have the beast rider skill so you can ride, basically, any animal. Once you obtain it, just kill 25 enemies with any weapon while riding any beast.

You can acquire this trophy by riding a mammoth as well.

28. Bad Trip

Description: Influence 25 enemies using poison.

It’s optional.

To attempt this trophy, you need to capture the Big Darwa Fort and recruit Dah into your tribe. Afterwards, you can start to learn how to craft poison bombs. When you throw a poison bomb at an enemy, he will begun to attack the closest human being he sees.

29. BEES!

Description: Eliminate 10 enemies using sting bombs.

It’s optional.

In order to craft the sting bombs that you’ll need for this achievement, you first need to upgrade your cave to level 1.

30. Quickdraw

Description: Eliminate 15 enemies using throwing shards.

It’s optional.

In order to craft throwing shards, you’ll need Wogah by your side. Recruit him and learn how to make them. However, killing people with throwing shards is quite tricky. The best method that we have found is to be in stealth and aim for their head. Another way to obtain this trophy is to get the skill that allows Takkar to automatically throw a shard at the closest enemy after performing a takedown on another foe. Repeat it for 15 enemies and you’re set.

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