Far Cry Primal Trophies and Achievements Guide

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36. Expert Wenja

Description: Learn all skills.

It’s optional.

Obtaining this trophy is a huge chore as it entails a lot of grinding on your part. This will most likely be the last trophy you’ll get as the amount of experience you can earn is capped and it’s impossible to learn all the skills just by amassing XP. What you need to do is to complete all the side missions as they will give you skill points as a reward. However, not all of them can be started outright. There are several quests that are unlocked after you complete Master Beast Hunt missions – one for each.

We recommend you capture bonfires and outposts as they provide a ton of XP.

Collect all the collectibles you can find as they offer XP, as well as discovering secret locations. And if you amass a specific amount of collectibles you will be rewarded with a massive amount of XP.

37. Armorer

Description: Use the crafting ability 100 times to craft weapons or arrows.

It’s unmissable.

Most likely you’ll get this trophy without even trying as it needs the player to use his crafting ability 100 times to craft either weapons or arrows. We recommend you craft 100 arrows as they are fairly easy to build and require only hardwood.

38. Kanda Of Faith

Description: Climb to the peak of Pardaku Lookout and leap off.

It’s optional.

It’s pretty hard to explain what route you have to take, and how you need to jump, so it’s better to just link to a video tutorial to see how it’s done.

39. Skirmish

Description: Capture 10 outposts.

It’s optional.

You have to capture 10 outposts. Look at the map and note the red squares with white mountains, those are the outposts. A more in-depth guide at #40 – Expansion.

40. Expansion

Description: Capture all outposts.

It’s optional.

In Far Cry Primal, there are a total of 15 outposts. In order to achieve this trophy, you’ll need to capture all of them. Forts and bonfires don’t count, so don’t focus on them.

In order for you to capture an outpost you need to kill all the enemies that reside there, but be careful how you attempt to take one over. If you are detected, the enemies protecting said outpost will try to call in for reinforcements, this means that you need to kill more foes to make the outpost your own.

To prevent your enemies blowing the reinforcements horn just try to take the stealth route and  break the horn within the camp – yes, you can do that. Beware, the majority of outposts will have two horns.

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