Far Cry Primal Trophies and Achievements Guide

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41. Conquest

Description: Capture all forts.

It’s connected to the story

Far Cry Primal has a total of 4 forts that you need to capture. This is connected to the story and you can’t miss it. However, you’ll just have to capture two of the four forts in order to get this achievement. Capture the Fire Screamer Fort and the Big Darwa Fort.

42. Menagerie

Description: Tame 7 beasts.

It’s optional.

In order to get this trophy, you’ll need to tame seven different animals. There’s a glitch that makes this trophy easier to get. Just re-tame the beasts you have already tamed, and they will count towards your total required quota.

43. Fancy Friend

Description: Tame 1 rare beast.

It’s optional.

Rare beasts leave a yellow scent behind them that you can see if you use hunter vision. The following are rare beasts that can be tamed – all of the great beasts provided by the Jayma side-quests, the rare black lion, rare black jaguar, rare stripe wolf, white wolf and the rare dhole.

44. Veterinarian

Description: Heal a tamed beast 25 times.

It’s optional.

It’s super easy to achieve, as you have to heal your beast 25 times. You’ll most likely do so naturally, so don’t focus on this.

45. Cave Hoarder

Description: Pickup 80 collectibles.

It’s optional.

Achieving this trophy requires a lot of grinding on your part as you need to get all of the collectibles. You’ll most likely get this achievement after finishing the story.

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