Exclusive First Look: Confrontation Game Preview (PC)

Confrontation Preview Only on PC Cyanide Studio Focus Home Interactive Release Date: April 5, 2012 Preview by Steven Mills If you're a fan of fantasy or tabletop gaming, you've probably heard of French Developer Cyanide Studio.  In recent years they've developed Blood Bowl, a game based off the Warhammer universe, two titles based off of the hit book series and recent television series "A Game of Thrones", and now the Confrontation Game, a … [Read more...]

Aion 2.7 Exclusive First Look Preview

Did AION PvP somehow just get even better?  Yes.  Yes it did.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to sit down with a handful of the staff at NCSoft to get owned own them in some intense level 55 PvP action and get an exclusive first look of the upcoming 2.7 patch, and it was awesome. … [Read more...]