XCOM 2 Review – A Brutal Sequel

Train your soldiers to fight for humanity's survival, because, this time around, the human rebellion is on the offensive, and no longer a resolute defender. XCOM 2 follows in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which appeared in 2012. You are in control of the human Resistance, commanding soldiers to rise up against the alien terror that has been ruling Earth for the past 20 years - the Advent. There are numerous … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Bad Spooky Teen Drama in our Oxenfree Review

Oxenfree is a gorgeous game, with an absolutely stunning art-direction. It looks like its backgrounds, characters and objects are painted on a canvas and transposed to the digital medium. The score that accompanies the beautiful setting really sets the mood for a horror game, with well-chosen music and top-notch sound bites. I was so eager to play it and I even cancelled plans to hang out with friends, but, in the end, I wished I didn't. I … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Review – Specialists Galore

After about 3 months of continuous Call of Duty Black Ops 3 gaming sessions, it's about time we reviewed the latest title in the COD franchise. It caught us off-guard. We were expecting a shallow game aimed only to amass wealth, but we were, fortunately, mistaken. It's true that Treyarch set the bar pretty high with the first Black Ops iteration, introducing an engaging campaign, as well as intriguing characters, while, a year later, Black Ops … [Read more...]

The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare Review – Life in Plastic is Fantastic

Straight from Ark: Survival Evolved developer, Virtual Basement's The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare is a thrilling third person shooter that aims to bazooka your nostalgia to smithereens. It takes inspiration from the Army Men franchise, especially from Sarge's Heroes, and it builds on top of it by adding one crucial element, which modern multiplayer shooters tend to disregard - fun. It's riddled with little issues that put a dent in your overall … [Read more...]

Fallout 4 Review – A Beautiful Wasteland

Calling Fallout 4 a captivating game is an understatement. Deep within Bethesda's title, gamers will find an engrossing world filled with mystery and adventure. The gruesome wasteland is riddled with mutants, vicious animals and the worst kind of monster there is - other human beings. Step inside the post-nuclear world at your own peril. Your character will evolve from an eager go-getter to a jaded wasteland warrior by exploring the Boston … [Read more...]

Warhammer End Times Vermintide Review

Warhammer End of Times Vermintide takes inspiration from Valve's first-person survival shooter - Left 4 Dead. Wait, let me rephrase that. It copies everything from the Left 4 Dead franchise - from team members shouting where potions are located, how the silhouettes of your allies glow to exactly replicating how the camera pans to the back of your character's head when the game starts. It's pretty brazen with what it copies. But hey, why fix … [Read more...]

Rebel Galaxy Review – Get on Your Ship, Space Cowboy

Rebel Galaxy is a space combat action RPG that reminds me too much of Firefly - die-hard fans know how hard it is to be remembered of the best space western to have ever seen the light of day. Only Cowboy Bepop and Serenity live to its standard - and one of them is a Firefly movie. But I digress, as usual. My first impressions of Rebel Galaxy weren't that good. My ship was moving way too slow, boosters depleted too easily and I couldn't kill … [Read more...]

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Review and Cheats

No Kong has been killed or hurt in the making of this review. Okay, I lied. Hundreds of Kongs have gone to their eternal resting place. But let me tell you this - their deaths were not in vain, because finishing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze makes me one hell of a skilled gamer. Donkey Kong is a tough platformer - it's absurdly hard sometimes. You could say that its level design and game mechanics are made especially to make you go ape. Some … [Read more...]

Mad Max Video Game Review – Witness me!

The Mad Max video game was developed by the same studio that brought us the Just Cause franchise - Avalanche Studios. After becoming obsessed with the movie, I just had to see if the game was on par. The game starts with Max fighting for his life - and car; unfortunately, the intro scene isn't playable at all and it leaves you a little bit jaded. I still don't understand why the developer didn't make it a quick-time event, but at least it was … [Read more...]

MGS 5: Phantom Pain Review – Everything Has to End

The MGS series has always been about complex plots and Shyamalan-like twists and turns. Every game in the series ends with a blast that either makes you think you didn't understood anything prior to the final chapter or a relentless feeling of utter confusion begins to overwhelm you. Basically, you need to really sink your teeth into a MGS title to actually figure things out. … [Read more...]