A Couple Of Indie Games You Might Not Have Heard About!

This year will be filled with more indie games than ever before, and some of them might have slipped by you. Don’t fret, that’s why we’re here for. The following indie games should most definitely appear on your radar this 2015.

The Solus Project

Indie Game The Solus Project

I’m a bit of a geek, fine, a huge geek when it comes down to science fiction, and The Solus Project might just be the best indie game I will ever play. You have crashed landed on an alien planet, and you must do whatever it takes in order to survive the harsh environment, and find some way to emit a distress signal to Earth.

You need to find a place to make shelter, craft some tools, gather whatever resources you can find, and draw a map of the surrounding area – don’t forget to stay alive!

It has been described as Robinson Crusoe on Pandora from Avatar, and that can only make me giggle in excitement. The remains of a huge empire of alien life-forms resides on the planet you just crashed landed. Is there something that lurks in the shadows? Are there any remaining creatures that populate the planet? Don’t think you want to find out.

Indie Game The Solus Project

Indie game The Solus Project is being developed by Grip Games, and Teotl Studios, and it might just be one of the hidden gems of this year – you don’t see everyday an indie game that looks like an AAA title.

The Solus Project wants to make the player feel the heart-wrenching solitude, and despair that one might feel after realizing that he’s all alone on a deserted planet, but at the same time conveying the sense of mystery, and excitement when you discover new parts of the alien plateau.

It’s going to come out for PC, and Xbox One.


Indie Game Hue

Winner of various indie game awards of 2015, Hue is a puzzle platformer set in a world where everyone sees greyscale. A scientist, going by the name of Anne, who specializes in the theory of colour, has invented some sort of ring that lets the wearer see in various colours. The moment Anne realizes she can alter reality with her ring by changing its colour, a fight erupted between her, and her research assistant.

You play as Anne’s Son, Hue, who finds her life-time research, and embarks on the journey to discover what has happened to his mother.

Developer Mudvark is sitting on a goldmine, and the official trailer for the indie game Hue is just pure awesome – quite the opposite of Limbo’s colour palette.

It’s going to come out for PC.

Fragments of Him

Indie Game Fragments of Him

I’ve been in a car accident once, and let me tell you, it’s one of the most horrid experience a human can have in his life. Fragments of Him revolves around a tragic accident, and how the victim’s life was before the event, how his loved ones continue their days on Earth, coping with the fact that they just lost somebody. Only fragments of him remain, little artefacts remembering people that a human existed, until he was taken away too soon.

I’m really excited about this indie game, but I don’t think I’m going to play it. Memories about the incident will never leave me, and playing Fragments of Him might feel like torture.

The game feels like a really awesome adventure. It’s a narrative indie game, where the player is set in a first person medium, and you go through events, and locations prior to the tragic accident, and further, as a if you are the spirit of the character.

It’s going to be released for PC, by SassyBot Studio.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved

Indie Game Radial-G Racing Revolved

Radial-G: Racing Revolved is an indie game made with virtual reality in made. It’s already available on Steam Early Access, and it’s optimized for Oculus Rift – if you’ve got a dev headset, just know that I envy you.

It’s a pretty cool indie game, but don’t expect revolutionary game mechanics, or high-end graphics. It’s more than fine to show your friends what’s virtual reality all about, but its novelty will soon wear off.

Developed by Tammeka Games, it’s going to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Indie Game QUBE 2

From the get go, developers have announced that their indie game will fully support Oculus Rift, and Sony’s Project Morpheus – when, it has not been disclosed at this time.

QUBE 2 is an indie puzzle game, sequel to the loved Q.U.B.E.

You are in a wasteland, and you need to figure out what cubes go where, and how you can use their different properties to solve puzzles. QUBE 2 wants to add to the universe with a narrative, and polish the game mechanics. Let’s see if they can make it work.

This indie game will come out for PC, and PlayStation 4.


Indie Game PaperLander

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about an indie mobile game. PaperLander looks gorgeous, and it has that Little Big Planet feel to it.

PaperLander is a fragile little rocket made out of, obviously, paper. He lives in PaperGalaxy – that’s so frikin’ cute!

A Space Storm is threatening his PaperGalaxy, and PaperLander must find The Great Anti-Storm Ion Cannon, that is fuelled only by Proto-Stars, and these Proto-Stars have been scattered across the galaxy. You must take control of PaperLander, and help him find all of the Proto-Stars before it is too late!

This indie game will come out for Android, and iOS.

Lumino City

Indie Game Lumino City

Everything you see in Lumino City, well, almost everything, is hand-crafted out of various materials. Artists and designers, architects and model makers have spent a combined period of three years with developers in order for this point-and-click puzzle indie adventure game to see the light of day.

You take control of  Lumi, and you are tasked with discovering where your Grandad has been taken too. You see, at the beginning of the game he was kidnapped. You embark on a journey in which you discover that your Grandad isn’t all that he seemed to be.

Developed by State of Play Games, it’s going to be released for the PC.


Indie Game SpeedRunners

This indie game can be played up to 4 players locally, or on-line. It’s fast paced, and it will involve a lot of peeps raging during the game, and afterwards.

This multiplayer running game will set you, and your best mates against each-other, in a speed run to the death. Use various tricks to make them fall behind, and kick them out of the game. Use traps that they can fall into, while you swing across the screen to victory.

Co-developed by tinyBuild Games, and DoubleDutch Games, SpeedRunners will be released for PC, and Xbox One.

Sunless Sea

Indie Game Sunless Sea

Can’t wait for this indie game. You can go insane, and be a cannibal – nobody will stop you from eating your own crew. You can easily die, whether it is from a mutiny, or from various creatures that reside beneath the dark blue sea.

Set in the Victorian-Gothic universe of Fallen London, your quest is to explore vast oceans, seek treasure, and find what it is to be a legend – but be warned, legends are lonely, and they go mad once in a while.

It’s going to come out for PC.

Have we missed something? Tell us in the comments section below.

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