Addictive Smartphone Games

Addictive Smartphone Games Addictive Smartphone Games Apple managed to popularize the 99-cent game market, turning every iPhone, iPad and iPod owner into a potential customer. With Android, RIM and Microsoft all looking for a piece of the market, more developers are looking to strike it rich with the next big game. With simple objectives and easy-to-pick-up controls, these games pack a load of entertainment without the high costs of computer … [Read more...]

Capcom Announces Ace Attorney 5 and re-release of 1-3 in HD for iPhone and iPad

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ace Attorney Series, and to celebrate Capcom officially announced the newest addition to the series, Ace Attorney 5.  All they released so far is the logo above, but no other details including which platform it will be on or what characters will be in it have been announced. Alongside this announcement was news that the first three Ace Attorney games will be released on the iOS this year in full … [Read more...]