The Complete Overwatch Tips and Tricks Guide

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Overwatch Tips and Tricks – How to Play

Overwatch strategies

The game concept represents a build upon the classic objective driven FPS. Through a serendipitous mix of Warcraft-like hero diversity, Team Fortress style shooting, and intricate strategies reminiscent of their famous RTS series, Blizzard managed to create a thrilling, action-packed, and incredibly addicting game.

There are four game modes for the maps in Blizzard’s new game.

Check out the Overwatch strategies to these different game types:

Assault Mode: here the map features two points that must be captured by one of the teams while the other team tries to stop them. A classic FPS game mode, this is the most common game type.

Escort Mode: on this map type, one of the teams mush push a payload along the game map and reach a certain objective. The more players are near the payload, the faster it moves.

Control Mode: A best of three type of game, the maps here feature one point which the opposing teams have to secure. To do this, the player must stand near the point until it reaches 100%.

Hybrid Mode: this map type is, as the title implies, a combination of other game modes. Specifically, the assault mode and the escort mode. One of the teams must first secure the payload and only then escort it to an objective.

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