Crusader Kings 2 Review – A Politically Driven Feast

The Steam Paradox sale just ended yesterday and after five days of productivity-shattering deals I found myself owning the base collection of Crusader Kings 2, plus the majority of DLCs. Never have I thought that a grand strategy game could grip me in front of my PC with my eyes peeled open. As I'm writing this I'm itching to get back into CK2, wanting to delve deeper into the chaotic Europe of 769 - the game usually starts almost 300 years … [Read more...]

Minecraft Guide

The below link is for our Minecraft Guide for PC. Minecraft is a sandbox building game originally written in Java by creator Marks "Notch" Persson.  He has since then formed company Mojang formed via proceeds from the game's sale.  The game is focused on the creativity and building of players, allowing constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world.  The game has two main modes, Free Classic and Paid Beta.  Classic is focused entirely on … [Read more...]