Madness Reigns in Our Darkest Dungeon Review!

Darkest Dungeon is a rogue-like developed by Red Hook Studios, and it has escaped Early Access this week. We've been keeping an eye out for this game since we first heard about its Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2014. Darkest is your classic rogue-like where the player has to accept death with arms wide open, and continue to move forward, even though if that means walking on a road paved with the skeletal remains of your party … [Read more...]

Volume Game Review – A Futuristic Robin Hood

The new Volume game has been developed and published by Bithell Games. Volume is a stealth game that employs puzzle elements. The game features 100 levels and a stage creator if you're keen on going full creative. It tells the story of Rob Locksley, a futuristic Robin Hood that has less facial expressions than Kristen Stewart. The epic theatrical score tries its best to give an elevated vibe, but it all seems so mundane. This Volume video game … [Read more...]

Volume Vita Release Delayed a Couple of Weeks

Volume, the latest game from Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell, will be delayed a couple of weeks - for PlayStation Vita. The PC, and PS4 versions will follow through with their 18th of August release dates. The portable version needs a little bit of polish, notes Mike. Volume's cross-buy promotion is still intact, and if you buy the game for your PlayStation 4, you'll have the Vita version waiting for you once it's out. Even though the … [Read more...]

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an action-adventure game that tries to rekindle the old, and dying, Resident Evil game series. Capcom knows that it must bring something new to the series, or fans will stick to their older stuff, or pick other IPs that are scary as hell. Their Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode is a testament to the fact that they have been listening to the community uproar. Raid Mode is hella-hard, more so if you want to … [Read more...]