Street Fighter V Review – An Unfinished Game

Street Fighter V has been released on the 16th of February 2016. However, calling this title a full game would be lying. Capcom and Sony were forced - by themselves, mind you; to release Street Fighter V in February because they put too much money in e-sports. Missing the February tournament would have meant a lot of contractual obligations not met, and the competition put on hold. … [Read more...]

Far Cry Primal Review – More of the Same Old Good Stuff

Far Cry Primal is set in the Stone Age, shifting the medium from fast vehicles, radio communications and high-end weapons to clubs, bows, and taming animals. Hey, it's 10,000 BC, not only you'll not find any Wi-Fi signal, but maintaining any form of warmth and light means all kinds of peril. Takkar, who is the protagonist this time around, is relentlessly searching for members of his Wenja tribe, which got lost. They have been scattered all … [Read more...]

Unravel Game Review – Too Many Strings Attached

The Unravel game is one of the most quirkiest looking puzzle platformers we've ever laid our eyes upon. Unfortunately, it' just that, and while the game unfolds, you quickly realize how poorly knitted Unravel really is. Developed by Coldwood Studio, Unravel is Martin Sahlin's, the studio's creative director, somewhat personal project. When he took to the stage during E3 2015, with shaking hands grasping a woolly doll, he introduced the main … [Read more...]

Firewatch Review – A Burgeoning Friendship

Firewatch is Campo Santo's first game. A brand new studio based in San Francisco. While this may be Santo's first release, its members have worked on a few great titles that you might have played - The Cave, Brutal Legend, The Walking Dead: Season 1, BioShock 2 and Mark of the Ninja. … [Read more...]

Madness Reigns in Our Darkest Dungeon Review!

Darkest Dungeon is a rogue-like developed by Red Hook Studios, and it has escaped Early Access this week. We've been keeping an eye out for this game since we first heard about its Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2014. Darkest is your classic rogue-like where the player has to accept death with arms wide open, and continue to move forward, even though if that means walking on a road paved with the skeletal remains of your party … [Read more...]

Fallout 4 Review – A Beautiful Wasteland

Calling Fallout 4 a captivating game is an understatement. Deep within Bethesda's title, gamers will find an engrossing world filled with mystery and adventure. The gruesome wasteland is riddled with mutants, vicious animals and the worst kind of monster there is - other human beings. Step inside the post-nuclear world at your own peril. Your character will evolve from an eager go-getter to a jaded wasteland warrior by exploring the Boston … [Read more...]

Rebel Galaxy Review – Get on Your Ship, Space Cowboy

Rebel Galaxy is a space combat action RPG that reminds me too much of Firefly - die-hard fans know how hard it is to be remembered of the best space western to have ever seen the light of day. Only Cowboy Bepop and Serenity live to its standard - and one of them is a Firefly movie. But I digress, as usual. My first impressions of Rebel Galaxy weren't that good. My ship was moving way too slow, boosters depleted too easily and I couldn't kill … [Read more...]

Mad Max Video Game Review – Witness me!

The Mad Max video game was developed by the same studio that brought us the Just Cause franchise - Avalanche Studios. After becoming obsessed with the movie, I just had to see if the game was on par. The game starts with Max fighting for his life - and car; unfortunately, the intro scene isn't playable at all and it leaves you a little bit jaded. I still don't understand why the developer didn't make it a quick-time event, but at least it was … [Read more...]

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Review – A Satisfying DLC

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone brings a new Geralt to the table - a not-so jagged beast hunter, but a more humane witcher. If you haven't played the base Witcher 3, stop what you're doing, read this review, and get the game NOW! It starts by introducing Geralt's main antagonist Olgierd von Everec, who is one of the most alluring characters you'll ever find in the game series. I might even go as far as saying that he conveys the archetype of a … [Read more...]

MGS 5: Phantom Pain Review – Everything Has to End

The MGS series has always been about complex plots and Shyamalan-like twists and turns. Every game in the series ends with a blast that either makes you think you didn't understood anything prior to the final chapter or a relentless feeling of utter confusion begins to overwhelm you. Basically, you need to really sink your teeth into a MGS title to actually figure things out. … [Read more...]