Siegefall Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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Siegefall is available only for iPhone, and iPad devices. Mainly iOS 7.0 and upwards.

You create, you smash, you explore, and then it’s time for you to get smashed by others – that’s the way of Siegefall.

But if you want to do more in the game, if you want a better defense, or a better strategy when you plan on attacking your foes, check our Siegefall Game Guide.

In our Siegefall Game Guide we’ll talk about how important it is to complete the single-player campaign, and how to get the most out of your Hero.

1. The Single Player Campaign is Important

Siegefall Game Guide - The Single Player Campaign is Important

You have the option to demolish other human players through raiding, but before you start your crusade, you better test your metal in the game’s single player campaign. Besides being a great way of getting used to the game’s mechanics, you’ll also be rewarded with new heroes, and a ton of resources. That is, if you finish each mission until the very end of the campaign.

2. How to Place Buildings?

Siegefall Game Guide - How to Place Buildings

After setting up your base, you need to build a wall that surrounds all of your buildings. Your next step is to reposition your weaker structures near walls, so when somebody else attacks you, they’ll go straight for the expendable buildings. Place offensive structures just nearby so while the enemy is focused on pillaging them, they’ll get damage. Archers, and mortars are a must.

Always replace destroyed structures so the next enemy doesn’t have an easier time going on a rampage inside your base.

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