Siegefall Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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3. What Troops to Build?

Siegefall Game Guide - Important Troops List

There are three essential military units that must be present in your army – rogues, archers, and trolls. Rogues will get rid of those weaker buildings, and they will remain hidden, invisible to the enemy’s defenses. Archers do what archers have always done – they shoot arrows. Archers have always been a great range unit, and Siegefall doesn’t stray away from this.

Trolls are indispensable, mainly because they are a damage sponge. Trolls can also destroy enemy walls, and buildings like they’re munching on pudding.

You can employ normal infantry such as footmen, and they do a pretty good job early-game, but mid, to late-game they are kinda useless. They are just a weak damage sponge. They can be quite useful if you plan on going in with just a Hero, and a handful of footmen.

4. Scout Before Attacking!

Siegefall Game Guide - Scout before you attack

This is essential if you want to be successful in Siegefall. If you don’t scout your enemy’s base before launching an attack, you are set for failure. Is he worth going to war to? Does he have enough resources? Does he have the resources I want? How about defense? Can my army get inside his keep, or will I lose all of my men before breaching the walls? These are questions you should ask yourself every single time before going into battle.

Also, through scouting you may get some ideas on how to set up your base better.

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