Siegefall Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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5. How to Unlock Free Gems!

Siegefall Game Guide - How to get free gems

If you want to upgrade something, you’ll need gems, and they don’t come cheap. You can either buy them from the in-app store, or unlock them for free. I think you’ll want to go with the latter.

How to get free gems in Siegefall? Well, by completing challenges throughout your playthrough, upgrading certain structures to a specific level, logging in daily, and by opening treasure chests found in the game. You can also connect Siegefall to your Facebook account to get some free extra gems.

Gems will also be rewarded when you level up!

6. Protect your Hero!

Siegefall Game Guide - Protect Your hero

You can’t control your troops, but you can directly control your hero.

Heroes do the most damage on the battlefield, and they are best used for destroying the enemy’s resource, and defensive buildings. You have to do all that you can to keep them alive, and out of peril – as in away from your foe’s strong offense structures.

Remember those footmen? Those meat-bag shields are perfect for soaking up all the damage while your Hero does the important task.

Also, note that heroes have special abilities that could tilt the tide of battle in your favor, even though the enemy clearly outranks you.

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