Street Fighter V Review – An Unfinished Game

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Street Fighter V has been released on the 16th of February 2016. However, calling this title a full game would be lying. Capcom and Sony were forced – by themselves, mind you; to release Street Fighter V in February because they put too much money in e-sports. Missing the February tournament would have meant a lot of contractual obligations not met, and the competition put on hold.

It’s been about seven years since Street Fighter IV was released, and back then, it completely revitalized the fighting game genre. Considering that for many years to come Street Fighter IV was the to-go fighting game, it’s a pure shame to see this mess of an unfinished title stain the franchise’s reputation.

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Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V still retains that awesome 3D style, which made its predecessor so loved – among other things, of course; but with some nice stylish improvements here and there. You have new models, lightning and visual effects, and the overall aesthetic look, while keeping its cartoony roots, tends to appear more real. SF V is many things, but an ugly game it isn’t! Well, not really.

However, do you know what’s ugly in the new SF? Everything found in the background from characters to the stage itself. Most of the characters in the background are poorly animated and modeled, and the level spews visible pixels and harsh lines, contrasting a poor light considering how awesome the action in the foreground is.

Character roster takes a beating as well as Capcom reduced the amount of fighters to sixteen from last game’s forty-four warriors. Only eight SF IV fighters are making a comeback with loads of fan favourites not making the cut. The other half is a mixed group comprised of a few characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series, and several new faces. But, you won’t have trouble finding a character to fit your playstyle as the group is quite diverse.

Street Fighter V stands apart with the V-System – Variable System. This new feature helps fighters distinguish themselves, and it turns this pretty straight-forward brawler into a more complex beast.

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