The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Top 10 Tips and Cheats

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5. Don’t be afraid to lose some HP

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - don't be afraid to lose some hp

You’ve got Bruisers for crying out loud. Use them as meat sponges, and let your other more weak survivors do damage. Position them accordingly and shield your other team members. The Bruiser is basically a tank.

6. Don’t forget to use Charge Abilities

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - don't forget to use charge abilities

If you don’t use Charge Abilities you’ll get over run by walkers, and you won’t progress in the game. They are quintessential to your playthrough. Try to bait walkers to one of your Bruiser so he can stun a bunch of them. It’s a super effective crow control ability that shouldn’t be overlooked.

7. Don’t stay put

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - don't stay put

Yes, walkers do move slow, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for all of them to reach your position. When you can move, do so. There’s always going to be zombies trying to catch up with your survivors. Standing still doesn’t accomplish anything – besides an early death.

8. Learn when to help survivors

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - learn when to help survivors

You might be inclined to jump to a survivor’s aid if he’s locked down by a zombie. You see him there struggling for his life, when, in fact, he’s safe from danger. Getting pinned down by a zombie will deal damage, sure, but this means that he’ll be safely shielded by the walkers that were gaining up on him. You can easily focus them down, and then, when they’re dead, again, you can start saving your buddy.

9. Don’t accept everyone

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - don't accept everyone

You decide who survives. Don’t get all Mother Theresa in this joint and accept everyone that seeks shelter and help. Your goal is to establish a powerful team that’s going to make it out of tough situations. Not weak cowards that can’t take care of themselves. Each new survivor that you add to your ranks, should be capable of replacing your main survivors in case they get seriously injured.

10. Explore and search for loot

The Walking Dead No Man's Land - explore and search for loot

Missions can become real hard real fast. Be patient and wait for your team to get stronger. This means that you need to explore and search for better loot. Don’t be disappointed if you lose a survivor permanently in a deadly loot mission. Rewards, more often than not, are immense and they trump losing a valuable member. You’ll always need better equipment to advance to the next level. And, to be honest, survivors can be easily replaced.

That’s it folks. You can download The Walking Dead No Man’s Land for iOS and Android and start your journey to fix the world.

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