Mario Kart 8 Review and Character Unlocks

Mario Kart 8 is definitely the King of karts - good luck trying to dethrone this beast. It's a super-fun kart racer that builds on top of the 22-year old franchise with new and intriguing ideas. It doesn't experiment as much as Double Dash, and, understandably, Nintendo hasn't taken a big risk with Mario Kart 8 Wii U, yet all of the crucial elements that made its predecessors fun, are arguably better and more enjoyable. That awesome sense of … [Read more...]

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Review and Cheats

No Kong has been killed or hurt in the making of this review. Okay, I lied. Hundreds of Kongs have gone to their eternal resting place. But let me tell you this - their deaths were not in vain, because finishing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze makes me one hell of a skilled gamer. Donkey Kong is a tough platformer - it's absurdly hard sometimes. You could say that its level design and game mechanics are made especially to make you go ape. Some … [Read more...]