Mario Kart 8 Review and Character Unlocks

Mario Kart 8 is definitely the King of karts - good luck trying to dethrone this beast. It's a super-fun kart racer that builds on top of the 22-year old franchise with new and intriguing ideas. It doesn't experiment as much as Double Dash, and, understandably, Nintendo hasn't taken a big risk with Mario Kart 8 Wii U, yet all of the crucial elements that made its predecessors fun, are arguably better and more enjoyable. That awesome sense of … [Read more...]

Game of the Year Awards – GGW’s Best of 2015

This year we've seen a lot of disappointments, but a ton of other brilliant games as well. We've fallen in love with Geralt in The Witcher, wondered who the real killer was thanks to Her Story, dismembered foul demons with some help from Bloodborne and listened to the feel good songs of Fallout 4. The end is nigh, well, the year's end at least, so this means that it's time for our yearly Game of the Year post where we rank the best games, and … [Read more...]

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Review and Cheats

No Kong has been killed or hurt in the making of this review. Okay, I lied. Hundreds of Kongs have gone to their eternal resting place. But let me tell you this - their deaths were not in vain, because finishing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze makes me one hell of a skilled gamer. Donkey Kong is a tough platformer - it's absurdly hard sometimes. You could say that its level design and game mechanics are made especially to make you go ape. Some … [Read more...]

This Year’s E3 Event in a Nutshell!

Arguably, E3 is the most anticipated gaming event of the year - only Blizzcon might challenge its title as King. This year's E3 event will start tomorrow, and it will end on the 18th of June. Bethesda already gained massive internet points at their press conference - announcing Fallout 4 to be released on the 10th of November made everyone jump with joy. But what are we expecting from this year's event? Just so we get this out of the way - no, … [Read more...]

Splatoon is More Fun Than Any Other Shooter on the Market

Newly released Splatoon packs one hell of a punch, and it stands firm to the statement that the ink is mightier than the sword, er, bullet, er, blob of paint?! Splatoon was recently released for the Wii U - to be more exact, at the end of May; and since its launch it has garnered a huge on-line community. If you have a Wii U and you don't already own a copy of Splatoon, you're missing on one of the best shooters on the market. Forget about Call … [Read more...]

Zelda 25th Anniversary: TGS Retrospective Video and New Skyward Sword Trailer

Straight from Nintendo's media event in the run-up to the Tokyo Games Show comes new Legend of Zelda footage highlighting both the long history of the series -- and the latest preview of Skyward Sword as well -- all in honor of the series' 25th anniversary. You read that right: a full retrospective with classic Zelda gameplay footage and a whole new preview of the series' upcoming Motion Plus-driven (and Ocarina of Time prequel) entry that is … [Read more...]

May 15 2011 Wii Price Drop and Wii Select Titles

This just in: May 15 2011 Wii Price Drop as well as the launch of Wii Select titles are incoming! That's right, on May 15 2011 the Wii will be getting a price drop. Just how much of a price drop? $150! Nintendo will offer the Nintendo Wii for $150 come May 15 2011 and will also offer it's "Greatest Hits" style games, known as "Wii Select" for $19.99.  These games include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros. Brawl! … [Read more...]

Metroid: Other M Review

Legendary, intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran sets out on yet another mission! But can Team Ninja deliver the game necessary to satisfy what Nintendo fanboys have been enjoying for years? Read on to find out! … [Read more...]

Epic Mickey gets Collector’s Edition

Available for pre-order beginning today in North America and alongside the standard edition at retail this holiday, the Epic Mickey Collector's Edition looks to have some pretty interesting collector goodies. … [Read more...]