Angry Birds 2 Game Guide – Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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7. Don’t Forget About Daily Rewards

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide - Daily Rewards

Regardless of whether you spend one hour in-game (or just 5 minutes), you should log-in daily to get receive your rewards. Every day, you’ll get free gems. So, there’s no need to spend real money from the real world to get fake gains.

Don’t forget to complete the Angry Birds 1st chapter within 14 days of the game’s launch – Angry Birds 2 has launched on July the 30th, 2015. If you do have the time to do so, the clock is ticking by the way, you’ll be rewarded with free gems, an exclusive avatar, exclusive Tutor bird, and an exclusive leader board avatar.

Don’t forget to link your Facebook account to the game. Doing so will reward you with 70 gems, and you’ll unlock the option to send and receive gifts!

8. Failed a Level? Don’t Worry!

Angry Birds 2 Game Guide - Failed Levels

You see, if you fail a level, you’ll have two methods to get a restart. There’s no shame in not being able to clear out a level riddled with piggies on your first try, and Angry Birds knows this.

So the game gives you two methods to restart.

The first one involves watching a short video ad which will reward you with an extra bird. The second method will require you to spend 60 gems. Gems can be acquired by either paying real money, or by completing daily quests, competing in the Arena mode or unlocking treasure chests.

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