Razer best gaming keyboard

The Best Gaming Keyboard – Our Reviews for 2014

Having a keyboard especially designed for your gaming experience isn’t just a fancy whim, but a necessary and affordable one. We would even add that such a keyboard is a must-have even if you’re not a gamer, because a silent and lit keyboard is obviously more … [Read More]

Candy Crush Saga

The Best Facebook Games in 2014

Spending way too much time on Facebook (and other social networks, for that matter) is a guilty pleasure we’re all indulging in, let’s admit it. Browser games are also a very convenient way to kill some time, and when you combine the two, you obtain one of the most … [Read More]

Best iOS Games

The Best iOS Games in 2014

This is our personal list of top 5 choices for the best iOS games in 2014. Even though most of us prefer to play games on the actual computer (PC or Mac) or on specialized gaming platforms such as the Xbox or Wii, the charm and appeal of mini games for the iPhone … [Read More]