Dice Mage Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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6. Gambling is Not That Bad…

Dice Mage Game Guide - Gambling is Not That Bad

Gambling is Not That Bad…

The currency in Dice Mage is gems. In Dice Mage you have an Item Gambling Room. Here you roll your Dice in order to attain a certain number between a certain range. If you roll a 5 and the range is between 3-6 then you win the item. Each and every single room has about six items that you can win. The last item is the most powerful. So, if you get up to number 5 or 6, go all in so you can reap an exquisite reward.

7. Explore Mystery Rooms

Dice Mage Game Guide - Explore Mystery Rooms

Explore Mystery Rooms

Mystery Rooms are almost like Item Gambling Rooms. Instead of gambling with gems, you gamble with mana. Also, instead of giving items, you’ll be rewarded with Stat boosts and other gems. However, there is a chest that appears totally random and when open it will steal all of your gems and stats. Yikes!

8. Sell Items That You Don’t Use

Dice Mage Game Guide - Sell Items That You Don't Use

Sell Items That You Don’t Use

What are you going to do with them? Why keep them? Hoarding items is not how Dice Mage works. If you are constantly upgrading your equipment why not sell your old items for gems? And if you aren’t upgrading your items – why aren’t you?

9. Mana is Life, Mana is Love

Dice Mage Game Guide - Mana is Life, Mana is Love

Mana is Life, Mana is Love

Mana is the most important element of Dice Mage. You use it in battles. When you Re-Roll it will cost you mana. For each Re-Roll after the first, the Mana cost doubles! That’s why it’s so important that you always have it topped off.

10. Know Your Spells

Dice Mage Game Guide - Know Your Spells

Know Your Spells

Dice Mage has a pretty great and unique spell system. You use the faces of your Die to add spells. There are offensive, defensive and neutral spells which you can unlock throughout the game.

Offensive spells like Vamp, Fire, Lightning and Ice do damage to your enemy.

Defensive spells like Reflect and Shield protect your character from incoming damage.

Neutral spells offer a well-deserved boost.

It’s your task to see what spells fit your play style and who you are battling with.

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Enjoy and remember – it’s just a game!

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