Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide – High Dragon Locations and How to Defeat Them

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Dragon Age Inquisition is an excellent RPG with a huge open world, tons of quests, a lot of drama – of the human, Dwarf, Elf and Qunari descent; and a beautifully-made campaign that spans over 100 hours.

You don’t just collect gear, slay foes and complete quests in Dragon Age – you fight menacing Dragons. Along your campaign progression, you’ll be brought face to face with more than a few flying lizards. Slaying them will reward the player with exquisite loot and bragging rights in the form of achievements.

There are 10 dragons that you need to vanquish from the world of Thedas. From frost-spewing monsters to electrically-charged drakes. Some are hidden, while others are out in the open terrorizing anyone who dares enter to their domain. Players need to explore the world of Thedas – from the bleached white sands at one side of the world to the tempest riddled coasts on the other; in order to find them.

Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide - A comprehensive list of tips and tricks

A Dragon Age Inquisition champion needs to prepare for the ordeal that awaits. That’s why we at GameGuideWorld have decided to write a Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide. We’ve got all the information you need to get started slaying High Dragons.

Here’s a quick list on where you can find Dragon Age dragons.

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Locations.

  • Fereldan Frostback – Hinterlands;
  • Northern Hunter – Crestwood;
  • Abyssal High Dragon – Western Approach;
  • Gamordan Stormrider – Exalted Plains;
  • Greater Mistral – Emerald Graves;
  • Hivernal – Emprise du Lion;
  • Vinsomer – Storm Coast;
  • Sandy Howler High Dragon – Hissing Wastes;
  • Kaltenzahn – Emprise du Lion;
  • Highland Ravager – Emprise du Lion.

Prepare for High Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Strategy Guide - Prepare for the Worst

I can’t stress this enough. Previous games like older Dragon Age titles, or TES: Skyrim thought gamers that fighting dragons is all about attrition. If you pack enough potions and cover yourself with armour capable of taking a lot of punches – in our case, claws and molten fire; no dragon can ever withstand your might.

However, BioWare understood that dragons are much more than that. So, they crafted unique monsters – each have distinct attack patterns, different weaknesses and they are more than capable of resisting potent attacks.

Doing some research before going into battle will definitely help – actually, it’s half the battle right there. More often than not, you’ll go in, start a dragon fight and die within the first minute. Why? Because you didn’t pay attention to what type of drake you’re fighting.

Dragon type weakness: always and forever, cold will beat fire, fire will beat cold, and spirit will forever beat electricity. Get gear that has the correct resistance factor and weapons that are meant to hurt them, not just scratch their scales a little bit.

Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide On How to Kill Dragons

Also, BioWare devs have built in a feature that allows players to send their entire party to attack a single dragon limb. Remember, a crippled dragon is almost a dead dragon, so why not use it?

Yet, not all of them will fall to the ground that easily.

Knowing what you’ll face is half the battle. Our short Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough will showcase what you need to know – strengths and weaknesses.

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