The Essential Fallout 4 Cheats Explained and How-to Guide

Many games’ cheats are possible because the developers left loopholes and errors in the game – likely to be solved during the post-release patching sessions. Fallout 4 cheats don’t make an exception: many are still available, while some are very likely to be fixed through some serious fixing. But, until then, today we will take a loot at the essential Fallout cheats, tips, tricks and interesting facts you may not know about yet.

1. Console Infinite Stats and Duplication

fallout 4 cheats infinite stats

Credit: Nexus Mods

One of the first things to do in the game is to go home in Sanctuary with Dogmeat as your companion. Go to Shawn’s room and look underneath the changing table near Shawn’s bed. You will find the You’re Special Book that grants you a +1 increase in any stat. Now it’s the time for cheating!

  • Pick the book up, take the stat boost, and then drop the book back.
  • Order Dogmeat to pick the book back up but before it does, you pick it first! This needs extreme time coordination, as you need to pick the book up the split second Dogmeat aims to take it.
  • If you want to achieve this safely, send Dogmeat a few steps farther away from you so you win time in picking the book up before it.
  • If you time this operation right, you will have one item in the inventory and Dogmeat will drop his copy on the floor in about after 2-3 seconds.
  • If you want to get more stats, pick the dog’s book and drop both. Picking up both books allows you to increase stats again.
  • If you want to duplicate items in your inventory, proceed in the same manner: drop an item from the inventory, get Dogmeat to fetch it but be faster and pick it up before it does. You will have your item again in the inventory and another item picked by the dog.

2. Infinite XP

fallout 4 cheats tour of duty quest

Credit: US Gamer

Coming next on our Fallout 4 cheats list is the infinite XP trick. The point of this cheat is to gain as much XP possible as early as possible and get Level 50 “Legend Of The Wastes” achievement. This is how you should get some quick and easy XP:

  • Join the Brotherhood Of Steel early when the game starts to trigger the “Reveille” and “Fire Support” quests
  • Follow the Brotherhood’s main quest line until they make you a member
  • Meet everyone on the airship as completing the “Tour Of Duty” quest.
  • Make sure you carry high-damage Sniper Rifle with a long-range scope.
  • After becoming a Brotherhood’s member, go to Prydwen and talk to Proctor Quinlan; once you offer to insist on patrol, he will give you the “Learning Curve” quest.
  • Activate the quest and go the airship’s deck.
  • Set your level of difficulty on Very Easy.
  • Sniper-kill the Brotherhood ally you are supposed to protect right from the airship to end the quest. A maximum of four headshots will do the trick. Make sure you crouch and stay hidden while taking the shots.
  • The quest will end but you will keep your reward. Return to the quest giver and he will give you the same quest again.
  • You can repeat the quest as many times as you wish, as each run (lasting two minuted tops) will give you around 419 XP and 42 XP for the target’s elimination. If everything runs smoothly and you make sure you are not seen by the guards while you kill the target, you can score around about 2,500 XP in 10 minutes.

3. Find the Developer Room

fallout 4 find secret developer room

Credit: Game Informer

Our Fallout 4 cheats’ list continues with the finding the developers’ room. Use the console command cheat “coc qasmoke” and get teleported to a secret town’s square – a strange, misty landscape packed with goodies. Don’t let the image ghosting occurring here keep you from your exploration adventure. The developer room is awesome!

  • In the developer room, you will find every available suit of Power Armor and all the bins you have imagined holding all the game’s Weapons, Junk, and Items.
  • If you want to experiment with the game’s content, the developer test bed is a good place to start.
  • Here you will be able to acquire Item Codes for using the game’s weapons.
  • Want to access the Holotape? This is the perfect place to do so.

In order to get out of the developer room, use the code COE 1 1 in your console.

There are plenty of Fallout 4 cheats possible and while some may have been patched, others work just as fine. Of course, we don’t encourage cheating, but let’s admit it, a trip to the developer room may get even more rewarding than finding the secret Cow Level in Diablo.

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