Far Cry Primal Trophies and Achievements Guide

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31. Right On Target

Description: Kill a target 50 feet away or more using a spear.

It’s optional.

Quite tricky if you don’t like to play with a spear. You’ll need an owl and the tag enemies skill. Go to an uncaptured bonfire or outpost, and use your owl to mark an enemy via waypoint. The waypoint will display how far away you’re from him. When it says 50 feet, or more, aim your spear slightly above your foe’s head and launch it. It’s easier to kill a non-moving enemy, and while you can get this trophy by just roaming the wilderness and looking for a target, the method we’ve explained is more efficient.

32. Bullseye

Description: Kill a target 70 feet away or more using an arrow.

It’s optional.

If you only have the standard bow, you’ll have to wait until you get the long bow before trying this trophy. It’s literally impossible to obtain this achievement with the standard bow. Just follow our Right on Target guide using the long bow and you’ll get this trophy in no time.

33. Gotcha

Description: Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps.

It’s optional.

It’s quite tricky to get this trophy as you will need to get 10 enemies to walk into traps. It sounds really weird, but we recommend trying to set up standard enemies. You would be more inclined to target slow moving enemies, but they will simply avoid them as they have more time to react. As you encounter a standard foe, just step back and throw a hunting trap straight in front of it and hope for the best. There are pretty good chances that they will step on it, and eventually die.

34. Sic’Em

Description: Eliminate 50 hostile targets using a tamed beast.

It’s optional.

Your friendly, tamed, companion will kill foes on its own – if it’s under attack. However, you can also command it to kill a certain enemy.

35. Feathered Friend

Description: Eliminate 15 enemies using your owl.

It’s optional.

Before you can attempt this trophy, you will need to learn the Owl: Attack I ability. Attacking enemies with the owl will result in an 80 second CD – read cooldown. We recommend further improving this skill to reduce the CD to 40 seconds.

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