Siegefall Game Guide – Top 10 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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7. Use Cards Wisely!

Siegefall Game Guide - How to use cards

When you have the required resources, upgrade your Card Keeper. This upgrade will unlock more slots, thus giving you  more space for unlocked cards.

Cards are great and all, but use them wisely, because they cost a ginormous amount of coin, or dust, sometimes even both.

There are some awesome AOE, area of effect, cards that have healing options, which I highly recommend using. You should pick the best ones for war, but only after you’ve fortified your keep.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, use different card combinations.

I suggest you always carry a healer card, and the Battering Ram one.

8. Prioritize What to Destroy First!

Siegefall Game Guide - Weak Forts

If the enemy doesn’t have a fortified keep, then you should make a play on his resources. Send your infantry to destroy weak defended buildings to gain more food. Gathering food will let you amass more troops, and only when you have your a-list units on the battlefield you can make a play on the enemy’s head quarters.

9. The Tar Pit Trap is Underrated!

Siegefall Game Guide - Tar Traps Are Underrated

The tar pit trap is one of the most crucial traps in Siegefall. Placing this trap item near key buildings, or outside your gate will slow down enemies so much, your defensive structures will go through them like a troll goes through pound cake – without mercy, that is.

10. You can Upgrade Almost Anything!

Siegefall Game Guide - Upgrade everything

Everything that you build has an upgrade option. If there’s a little green flag on the outside of your building it means that a) it is ready for an upgrade, and b) you have enough resources in doing so.

Even your soldiers, and heroes can be upgraded. All of them require resources though.

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