The Taken King Destiny DLC Costs $40. Here’s Why

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The Taken King Destiny expansion will cost $40, and it will hit your digital shelf next month. The last two expansions were priced at just $20 each. Bungie, the developer behind Destiny issued an explanation on why their new The Taken King Destiny DLC costs an arm, a leg, and then some.

Their community manager, Eric Osborne, (nicknamed Urk) went into details on why the company has decided to charge $40. According to his explanation, the new DLC includes much more content than the previous expansions, thus justifying the huge price tag.

Gamers have attacked Bungie and Activision. They attacked the former, the notorious designers behind Halo, for being Activions’ puppet, and the latter for forcing Bungie to charge so much.

The Taken King Destiny Expansion

Activision invested $500 million at the beginning of the project. Gamers think that this lets them control everything regarding price tags, and release dates.

The Taken King Destiny expansion will take players to Dreadnaught, Phobos, and into sought after colony ships. Nathan Fillion, best known for Firefly, and Castle will make an appearance in the game. Lance Reddick of The Wire will also be talking back to you notes Urk.

Peter Dinklage was supposed to be in the new Destiny DLC, but he was re-cast due to ” Hollywood nonsense”, notes executive producer Mark Noseworthy. Ghost, the character he should have played, is now in Nolan North’s hands – the prolific, and beloved voice-actor of Uncharted’s Nathan Drake.

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