The Taken King Destiny DLC Costs $40. Here’s Why

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The Taken King Destiny ExpansionOsborne continues to add that The Taken King offers more than double the content as the Dark Below DLC with seven new Crucible multiplayer maps, and three unique, and new, Strikes.

In addition, players will be able to explore, and fight in the Dreadnaught – a place filled with secrets, clues, riddles, stories, quests, guns, exotic gear, and all sorts of collectibles. The King’s Fall Raid will also be up for grabs for whomever thinks he or she is capable of such challenge.

Urk ends by telling gamers that there are other things that he can’t discuss right now, content related, that will most likely awe them.

The Taken King Destiny DLC

The Taken King Destiny DLC should be available for purchase starting this September 15th. Players should notice a huge overhaul regarding the game’s quest, and bounty systems.

Still, gamers across the world aren’t that keen on spending $40 for a DLC. Most of them note that the game wasn’t finished at launch. Now, developer Bungie and publisher Activision are trying to milk the cow. More so, those who bought the game complain that the game-maker mislead them into buying the last two DLCs Dark Below, and House of Wolves, by promising them a main-story oriented expansion. On the contrary, they received quite the opposite. These critics (probably rightfully so) worry that this game won’t provide enough value for the cost.

Too much fluff isn’t worth $40.

What do you think? Is The Taken King Destiny DLC worth buying? Or is this DLC a simple case of price gouging? Tell us in the comments section below.

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