10 Essential Details You Need to Know in our Dark Souls 3 Preview

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4. The sickness

Dark Souls 3 Preview - The Sickness

There’s some sort of plague ravaging the realms of this new Dark Souls, and it has a visible effect on both boss and your usual enemies. There are certain enemies in the game that will explode with a disgusting and black slime-like liquid, and once their HP has been lowered to half, they’ll change shape.

The substance bursts out of skulls and takes a dragon shape. As soon as this happens, the enemies that have been affected by it become massively powerful, with added HP and a drastically increased attack range.

Dark Souls 3 Preview - Main Hub

This doesn’t just happen to boss enemies. As we mentioned earlier, we’ve also encountered the black slime on your run off the mill foe. They fight transformed from normal to some sort of mini-boss encounter, with the enemy respawning after the character rests at a bonfire.

At the moment of writing this, we don’t know what’s the story behind the black slime-like substance that buffs our enemies, but we love it, as it moves passed the traditional pattern, spicing things up on the go. The only nuisance is that the slime-infested enemies become so huge that they take up a lot of your screen, and working the camera angle turns to be really frustrating.

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